Monday, December 3, 2012


This is the family crest of the Rothschilde's family notice the griffen and the unicorn, the three nights in golden armor and the black bird displayed upon it. The wealthy ruling families of the world use royal crests, heraldry, banners, symbols to identify themselves and with whom they are aligned. The unicorn is an ancient symbol for Babylon. The Rothschildes believe they can trace their lineage all the way back to Nimrod, Semiramus, and Tammuz. These people believe that supernatural powers are carried through their bloodlines into them to the present day. These people worship the "god of forces", the "light bearer" and use what has been known to them for centuries as "the force". George Lucas didn't make that up, it's a fact.

Here is a depiction of Nimrod

This is a depiction of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar who may have been known as Semiramus who was Nimrod's wife and who gave birth to a son, after the death of Nimrod to one known as Tammuz. Who was also known in Sumerian myth as Dumuzi the shepard, and husband of Inanna who also may have been Ishtar.

Why am I mentioning this again? It already seems convoluted doesn't it? That's because it is. These people hide things, keep them secret, do things in secret and amass great wealth to themselves while destroying the "cattle" or insignificant folks in the process. The reason for my bringing these to your attention again is because this type of "thing" these bloodlines, these secrets have not been wiped out, they have never stopped and they are still in operation today through 13 bloodlines. The Bloodlines of the Illuminati. Which brings me to the guest that is coming to visit with us on Doors of Deception Radio on Tuesday December 4, 2012.

This man has written extensively on this subject and the subject of mind control since 1991, most everyone would agree his work was ground breaking. His book "Wise as Serpents" and "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" are really compendiums on what these families have been up to behind the scenes since.......well since "the fall". They keep very detailed records and own almost everything in this material world we live in. 

My guest is Fritz Springmeier and I am beyond humbled and honored to be having him as a guest on Doors of Deception Radio. To say I"m looking forward to this would be a gross understatement, because if any of you have ever been a fan of somebody that is like a Rock Star and you get the chance to talk to them you would be beyond excited, there are no words, except it was a God-cidence because only God could have made this happen. That's it, surely nothing that Dori did or said or anything, God did it and I am so grateful. May you be blessed by this interview.

Fritz has a web site and his books are now available once again! Here is a link to his web site;

Please check it out and if you don't have his books, you are missing out on a huge piece of history that is important because it still goes on; largely in secret, sub rosa. 

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There will also be a special episode of Doors of Deception tonight at give you some background if you are not familiar with Fritz Springmeier. 

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