Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ascended Lies, Fallen Angels and False Prophets

I have to share an interview done with a man who has had ET contact ever since he can remember.
Which strikes a chord with me as I was a contactee from the time I can remember. The difference? He still clings to the belief in Ascension and that the beings that he has contact with are benevolent entities here to help mankind ascend along with planet Earth to the 5th dimension. I would not submit to the will of these entities and they turned on me. Yes, the friendly bluish Pleaidians that were "downloading" their language of symbols to me at night, and with whom I had many an adventure flying around with them and making crop circles! Yes, me and the three blue "wise guys" as they called themselves went all over the world at night making crop circles. They began to show me that crop circles would cease to be completely circular in shape and design and begin to look like DNA strands, and other "sacred" geometrical shapes in a lengthwise configuration. When I began to see them show up I knew I wasn't in Kansas anymore! Then they wanted more from me, and more of me, they wanted me to write a book that if published would make me a multi-millionaire. You see that didn't work on me, that isn't something I've ever strived for or dreamed of so their "hook" didn't work. I didn't desire fame either one of their other promises. So when I refused to submit fully to worshiping and giving my life to the "Light" god of which we were already supposed to be part of as Light Workers, Starseeds, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children, Shaman and others "evolved" in the ascension process, things got ugly. Ugly and painful and instead of making crop circles I was taken underground through long corridors and into massive caverns in which huge winged, dark demonic creatures dwelled. When I was brought before the throne of their leader and would not submit they took me through a portal into the Akashic records to show me what I had been in the past. When that didn't convince me they began to assault me physically, and sexually and it was the most horrific pain I've ever experienced as my husband and I would wake up to the sound of my screams! One morning my hip was even nearly dislocated and my husband had to help push it back into place. I had marks, scratches, puncture wounds the whole gamut I was so sick, I was dying but I refused to give in and I wouldn't write the book, I flatly refused and they sent beings to try and coerce me and cajole me. I had an agent who repped for a huge publishing house; Harper Collins but I would not write the book. Because I was disobedient they continued the physical onslaught. No one could help me. Not any of the New Age healers, the Reiki Masters, the Crystals and Starseeds I knew, no one could help me. I was in great physical pain and deep despair, ready to try an Ayhuasca trip to South America with the Mache` Medicine Woman who initiated me into Shamanism I thought it was my only hope.

Then one night while listening to Coast to Coast there was a guest by the name of L.A. Marzulli and he said something that hit me straight in the middle of my chest so hard it nearly knocked the wind out of me. He said; "ET's are Fallen Angels" and said something about Genesis 6 and the "Guidebook to the Supernatural". I went to his web site and found no such book, and soon he said "ie, the Bible"! Well I had one still and I went to Genesis 6 and I knew what was happening to me was being described right there in of all places, the Bible! Well it took a couple more weeks of torture and sessions with energy healers and mystics and I wrote to L.A. not really expecting a response. In less than 48 hours he wrote to me and told me there was HOPE my ONLY hope was to get down on my knees, and ask Y'shua/Jesus Christ into my life! To turn away from all the New Age and UFO stuff, the occult and esoteric philosophies, burn my tarot cards and books and annoint my doors and windows with oil and proclaim the blood of Jesus over them. I did all of it! On December 31, 2009 Jesus Christ delivered me from my nightly torture, my sickness, everything! I repented of my sins the things I had done that were in Deuteronomy 18:10 and confessed my love and faithfulness to Him until the day I die! These "entities" still try to bother me sometimes, they come in for a "look" but they have not been able to touch me or harm me since I learned to call on the name of Jesus Christ/Yehoshua/Y'shua ha Mashiak the messiah and know the power He endows His children with has saved me! Now; He wants me to warn people about all of these things! To call them out when I see them and thanks to a friend this article was sent to me today! Thank you, Dorrie!

Not just circles anymore this is one of many crop circles that are long instead of circular. You see these entites know a little more than we do that is why they are called; Familiar Spirits! Only God knows the end from the beginning and these people like the one interviewed in the link above are promulgating lies. Their predictions rarely if ever come true because they are from the "Father of Lies". I have to expose these things because I was once a part of it. Deeply part of it and entangled in it about as far as anybody can go before they give up their soul! I have to warn people because this is not Ascension! It is certain death that will lead to a lake of fire and eternal torment. Please, please if you do not know Y'shua/Jesus Christ just talk to Him, just ask Him to show you the TRUTH and He will, He cannot lie and He always keeps His promises! I will continue to pray for all of you!


  1. Im not trying to start a flame war, I simply have a question. And as an non christian I can't answer really answer it.

    So the devil was once an angel, yes? One that got full of himself and tried to throw God out of his throne. And the devil became evil so God kicked him out of heaven, and making hell.

    So my question, whats stopping another angel from doing the same thing? If heaven is some perfect place where there is no evil; why did the devil become evil?

    And another question, in the story there were other angels there. Angels of which I assume dead people. So that must mean there were people who have already died. Does this mean there was a time before evil according to the bible?

    If you were to create something - perhaps a work of art or a machine of some kind, you can only create according to your own image of what you want to accomplish. This means that God created Satan in his own image. This means that if Satan is evil, then God is evil.

    That Biblical God is depicted as being evil. Why else would one be required to fear its love?

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  2. Humans are waking up and becoming divine spiritual beings, so goes the New Age mantra. How many of us are we really waking up, why are so many still asleep, what exactly is going on? Why are we able to overcome the holographic mind programming of our ancestors and becoming a fully self aware human?

    As science peels back the tapestry of the heavens and exposes fundamental reality of what kind of hologram in which we exist, how does this new information change our existing myths? How do I become self aware, what should I change my mind about and what is going to happen to our society? I’m glad you asked.

  3. Humanity is in a crisis, most humans are stuck in ancient myth yet we have developed every kind of technology and weaponized it turning everything lethal. Don’t eat the GMO vegetables, don’t breath the chem trailed laced air, don’t eat the radioactive tuna, don’t watch the poisoned television programming.

    Technology has progressed at an unbelievable pace yet much of humanity are stuck in 4,000 year old myth. The innocuous analog amp meter hanging on the outside of your house, that spins slow to fast measuring current flow is now a ‘power’ meter of the elite, they can spy on you or even turn your power off remotely. Friendly technology turned ugly by evil minds, they did it because they could do it, they are applying their will against us.

    Humans have big brains that are self aware, inventive, creative. They can be used for anything good or bad, a relative judgment we assign to things. Will we as a specie make it? I am not so sure and as a betting man I would say the odds favor more destruction.

    I think a few of us will make it but it will at very great cost, more bloodshed then we have ever seen before. We are currently careening toward doomsday of our own making. What can save us from certain doom? You can’t save the world but you can save yourself, personal transformation is the key to your survival.

    Most people don’t realize that the Bible is a doomsday book and Christians are a death worshiping cult. The Bible teaches that history ends and everything gets destroyed by the savior god that comes back in a mode of vengeance. Sounds appealing to those under the spell. We worship death and think we are going to heaven.

    Those in the cult are blinded by the memes, they can’t that their beliefs are causal to the destruction. Want hell to stop? Stop worshiping hell and calling it heaven, stop thinking that punishment is a good thing and that we need more prisons. Stop worshiping a judging god because by doing that you are programming your mind to be judgmental. With a judgmental mind you will vote and create a police state, a prison planet. Everything you believe god to be is what you project on the world.

  4. Most Americans are psychotic because they agree to the Bible premise of eternal punishment, where the unsaved go to a hell and are tortured eternally. This is a monster philosophy, believing in these ideas makes you wicked, you will think nothing of those being tortured throughout the worldwide American gulag.

    The ultimate ego trip is believing that you are saved while all the rest go to hell, with that supremacist philosophy you can be made to do anything, like dropping bombs on everyone unsaved. And the one thing that Jewish-Christian Supremacist America loves to do is drop bombs on everyone else. Vietnam was your cultures psychosis unveiled.

  5. What is stopping this naturally transformation from primitive superstition to a fully self aware being? The Bible, the holy book of the culture is stopping the evolution of the specie. The old myths have humanity in a stranglehold, most humans are in mental lockdown, unable to grasp their predicament, they are acting out the negativity of the myths handed down.

    The Bible has turned the western peoples into mass murderers, just look at all the illegal and immoral wars and how the same people who start them are elected and re-elected. Look at this mass of Christianity and how they love Israel no matter what Israel does. Genocide, false flags, illegal weapon use, Fukushima, organ trading, prostitution, assassinations, subversion of foreign states.

    Anything evil you can imagine, you can bet that Israel is fully engaged in it and profiting by it. Christians condemn evil but if Israel does it they turn a blind eye and the Zionist team cheerleaders keeps right on cheering. What does that say about this so-called holy book Christians read?

  6. If you don’t know then say you don’t know, don’t lie and say you know because you read something in a book. Words in a book are not proof. I don’t know, anyone that says they know is a liar because I don’t know and my brain is just as big as yours. Death should be irrelevant when you are alive and living in this wonderland, our lives shouldn’t revolve around death. The death cult has made living dangerous, it is time for us sane people to put an end to this lunacy and take their holy book away. Ban the Bible say I.

    The problem with most religions is they teach you to live for the next life, not this one. They have institutionalized not being in the present moment. Millions of humans are praying right now to go to heaven, or chanting mantras purifying their souls and escaping the karmic wrath of judgement.

    Considering the scientifically proven fact that the entire universe is nothing but one great big ocean of nothing but pure energy, and that everything is composed of that same energy, I've come to the logical conclusion that everything is connected, therefore there is no such thing as separation, therefore we are all "gods" both individually and collectively and everything and everyone is a part of the cosmic consciousness that some people call "God". We are the creators, we are the saviors, both individually and collectively. We are all ripples and waves from the same "vast ocean" of consciousness. Ultimately, because love is the most powerful energy in the universe, our true "godly" power comes from the power of love and I believe that we come from a place of pure love, pure divinity, no polarities, no time, no space and we as "gods" come into the illusion of physical form to grow and evolve and to experience ourselves. We are the universe experiencing itself for a moment in time, and then we go back to our divine place of pure love. This life is simply a millisecond in time and then back we go to where we came from. There is no heaven, there is no hell, there is only infinite love consciousness, which is why we, as souls, come here to have this experience, so that we can have a better understanding of who we really are, infinite love. So many people try to make it so complicated. The religionists make their dogmatic claims, and the new age folks have their own nonsense about the "wheel of karma" etc. but it's not that complicated folks. We come from a place of no polarity. We come from a place with such a light vibration that there is no vibration, there is only stillness. Before we come here we choose our experiences in advance in order to do nothing more than have the experience and learn from it. That's it. The reason is this: Imagine not knowing what love is because you experience nothing but love. And so we come here to experience polarities. We agree to come here for a millisecond and experience poverty in Africa. or living in a war torn country, or any number of things that we need to experience, in order to have a better understanding of who we are, because without experiencing those things we're ignorant to our own divine nature: pure love. In order to appreciate something or fully understand something you have to know its exact opposite. In our vast ocean of pure love we have no polarity and so we come here we have those experiences. To know ourselves. We don't experience things for "karmic debt" as so many people believe, that's just another nonsensical, religious view similar to heaven and hell. It really is as simple as coming here for a learning experience, and then going back to our ocean of pure love consciousness having gained a larger perspective and a higher awareness of who we really are. Pure love.

    1. Lol some of the most brilliant genius minds are the mri inventor...and yet in the height of your arrogance and stupidity you think youve figured out something they blindly looked over??.. lmao yaive heard it all before..pathetic how u all deny reality to stay in your little anti god delusion then claims your gods yet dont even have the self control to refrain from using profanity..simply pathetic... Some would call it tolerance, I said. Yes he replied, the same tolerance that overtook ancient Israel..a tolerance for everything opposed to God, a growing tolerance for immorality and a growing intolerance for the pure-a tolerance that mocked, marginalized and condemned those who remained faithful to the values now being discarded. Innocence was ridiculed and virtue was vilified. Children were taught of sexual immorality in public schools while the Word of God was banned. It was a tolerance that put the profane on public display and removed nativity scenes from public sight..contraband, as if somehow they had become a threat-a strangely intolerant tolerance. "But still, I countered, how does all that compare to what happened in ancient Israel? America does'nt offer its children on altars of sacrifice? "Does it not? he said. Ten years after removing prayer and Scripture from its public schools, the nation legalized the killing of its unborn. The blood of the innocent now stained its collective hands. Israel had sacrificed thousands on the altars of baal and molech. But by the dawn of the twenty-first century, America had offered millions. For its thousands judgment came upon israel. What then of America. -the harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

  7. is it possible to speak with you privately??? -Kerri

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