Saturday, March 24, 2018

Doors of Deception; The Sabbatical Ends

Did you think I'd fallen asleep? 

I've just been adventuring about the country. Observing. Praying. Experiencing. 

Living in an RV in some incredibly beautiful locations. Like this picture, a ship called "Destiny" in Depoe Bay, Oregon. The Lord blessed me with 8 weeks there.

Then it was off to the Desert. Desert Hot Springs in California for a few months.

My favorite place and the one I spent two seasons upon, was a Mountain Lake Resort in a forest in Southern Oregon. Unplugged. No TV. Barely an internet connection. Working, meeting new beloved friends and sisters in Christ. He is always faithful. He knows what we need.

Speaking of what we need. Doors of Deception is one of my labors of love. It never leaves me. But I left it for a time. Sabbaticals are  for refreshing and that is what has happened to my soul, my faith, my heart. It is refreshed. It is ready to "throw down", get in to the groove again, dig into the deep. 

New blogs are on their way. A new Doors of Deception Radio is on it's way. Now, with guests.
And yours truly. 

I should possibly thank the "illuminati" Luciferians for all their comments, ah no, not really. However all those comments have kept this blog getting views while I was away. You know what they say, there is no such thing as "negative publicity". I know those of you with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit can see through all those crazy comments trying to recruit you into fame and fortune by joining them. 

It is interesting how they all come out when you write a blog exposing their lies. They don't like it at all. They bombard the blog with ridiculous claims. The truth makes them squirm. I'm quite satisfied that they have been so itchy and uncomfortable while I was away. Well, they better double up on the anti-itch cream.

I'm back. Back to bring you the truth. To transform your perception of the deception. To shed light in all the dark corners.